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VITA Tool: Assistance to victims of human trafficking in 40 languages



The VITA  (Victim Assistance Translation) Tool is a unique new tool using audio messages, that allows law enforcement officials to provide a basic level of assistance to victims of human trafficking. UN.GIFT launched the VITA tool during the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime in Vienna.


Human trafficking survivors contributed to the development of these messages, which were also supported by experts in human trafficking focused on victims' needs. Thirty-five basic questions and messages have been recorded and translated into 40 languages, taking into account special questions for children. UN.GIFT/UNODC, the Austrian Criminal Intelligence Service and the Austrian NGO LEFOE-IBF worked together to create VITA.


The electronic VITA tool can be played from any personal computer with or without the audio messages. UN.GIFT produced also a VITA handbook, to be used when personal computer is not available, and to provide those practitioners with the translation of the key messages in all 40 languages. The VITA tool and the electronic version of the handbook are already available on the UN.GIFT HUB.


Interpol will collaborate with UN.GIFT/UNODC in the dissemination of the VITA Tool by making it available to all their Member Countries through the Interpol Intranet.