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Awareness and knowledge on human trafficking: UN.GIFT Catalogue


Since its inception in 2007, UN.GIFT has worked on mobilizing all State and non-State actors to eradicate human trafficking. This has been done mainly through increasing knowledge and raising awareness on human trafficking, building capacity and fostering innovative partnerships.


Since then, UN.GIFT has utilized its successful partnerships with the organizations of its Steering Committee, civil society organizations and the private sector to launch a number of publications, tools and initiatives that are now compiled in a CD-ROM, the new UN.GIFT Catalogue.


The UN.GIFT Catalogue presents a collection of some the most relevant work done under UN.GIFT. Featuring an easy-to-navigate menu, the catalogue showcases a wide variety of human trafficking resources: publications, reports, concept notes, videos and photos and the VITA (Victims Translation Assistance) tool, that be can downloaded for further dissemination and use.


The UN.GIFT Catalogue, in a CD-ROM format accompanied by a brochure was launched during the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Conventions against Transnational Organized Crime and its Protocols, in Vienna October 18-22, 2010.


The aim of the UN.GIFT Catalogue is to provide all stakeholders working against human trafficking knowledge tools that can be used, disseminated and enhanced with the creation of new knowledge. The resources present knowledge on human trafficking from  different angles, targeting a broad range of audiences. The UN.GIFT Catalogue is also available through the UN.GIFT.HUB.