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Joining Forces against Human Trafficking: EU Anti-trafficking day



The Task Force on Combating Human Trafficking in Austria marked the European Union anti-trafficking day with an event held at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna.


The European Commission initiated the "EU-Anti-Trafficking-Day" on October 18, 2007. At the same time, the EU Member States were called upon to carry out public-oriented events at national level. In Austria, this annual event was organized by the Austrian Federal Government and coordinated by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, and included the exhibition "Human Trafficking - Slavery of the 21 st Century."


Austria's first National Coordinator on Combating Human Trafficking, Ambassador Elisabeth Tichy-Fissleberger, served as the welcoming chair. She took the opportunity to acknowledge the new Austrian human trafficking telephone hotline .


The afternoon session welcomed a diverse array of presenters from international organizations: IOM, OSCE, UN.GIFT. Additionally, there were representatives of several NGO's, different Austrian Government Ministries and the private sector.


The new BBC series on human trafficking, Working Lives, was aired at the event. UN.GIFT contributed to the work of the End Human Trafficking Now Campaign! in the development of this series that addresses issues of child trafficking, trafficking in labour exploitation and domestic servitude. An engaging discussion followed the film.


The same day, IOM launched the Buy Responsibly campaign to mark the "EU-Anti-Trafficking-Day" in Vienna. Buy Responsibly is a campaign that aims to create a change in behaviour by urging consumers to play a greater role in ending human trafficking.