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Nicolas Cage inaugurates UN.GIFT exhibition on Human Trafficking



Nicolas Cage, Human Trafficking, Serbia, bulgaria, Scotti, Photo Exhibibtion

Vulnerability, exploitation and action were the themes of a UN.GIFT photo exhibition inaugurated in Vienna during the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, by the Executive Director of UNODC, Mr. Yuri Fedotov and the award winning actor Nicolas Cage.


The exhibition presented a photo documentation about the vulnerability of certain communities to human trafficking, the common forms of exploitation and the action taken by countries to prevent and combat this crime. The documentation was commissioned by UN.GIFT to the photographer Alessandro Scotti who accompanied police units in three different countries, capturing the daily drama of human trafficking in Europe.


At the event, Nicolas Cage, UNODC's Goodwill Ambassador for Global Justice, mentioned the importance of cooperation and collaboration when fighting human trafficking. "We need coalitions like UN.GIFT which build partnerships involving Governments, International Organizations, NGOs, the private sector, the media as well as individuals like myself to create a united front against human trafficking. Working together is the only way we will succeed", he said.


Mr. Fedotov reminded that a "lot has been done these last two years" in the fight against human trafficking and particularly acknowledged "the very great job that UN.GIFT is doing to help the victims". He also thanked the Governments of Austria, Bulgaria and Serbia, for their cooperation during the development of this photo collection. Representatives of these three countries also spoke about their national efforts to combat this global crime.


The photographer, Alessandro Scotti shared his personal experiences documenting human trafficking and acknowledged the collaboration of the national authorities and the civil society organizations. The photos of Alessandor Scotti are available through the UN.GIFT.HUB.

You can already listen an abstract of Mr. Cage speech here.