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UN.GIFT Knowledge: The Expert Group Initiatives


The very clandestine nature of human trafficking makes the gathering of relevant and useful information difficult. Far more data is needed on the extent of this crime, its geographical spread and the many forms it takes. A lack of primary data makes it difficult to identify the factors that cause trafficking, establish best practices to prevent it, and assess and measure impacts. The knowledge gap needs to be filled in order to formulate effective strategies.

The UN.GIFT Expert Group Initiatives (EGIs) aim to deepen understanding of human trafficking by improving data collection, analysis, sharing of knowledge, and joint research initiatives. So far, UN.GIFT has launched nine of these initiatives in close collaboration with the organizations of its Steering Committee. Nine EGIs that have resulted in the publication of nine knowledge tools on human trafficking.


Under this initiatives, UN.GIFT and the OSCE Office of the Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings have recently published Analysing the Business Model of Trafficking in Human Beings to Better Prevent Crime, a study to identify the business and socio-economic  factors that contribute to human trafficking.

This research aims to understand what makes human trafficking profitable, in order to develop solutions that remove powerful incentives and disrupt the trade. The study provides an overview of how trafficking enterprises work and issues general recommendations to Governments and other stakeholders to combat human trafficking.


Also, UNODC recently published Needs Assessment Toolkit on the Criminal Justice Response to Human Trafficking , available also in Chinese and Russian . This is a set of tools designed to enable experts from international organizations, non-governmental organizations, national development agencies and other governmental entities, as well as relevant institutions, to conduct a comprehensive or specific assessment of selected aspects of a country's criminal justice response to trafficking in persons.


Both publications and other studies and tools developed under the Expert Group Initiatives are available through the resource centre of UN.GIFT.HUB.