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by tRiBaLmArKiNgSUN.GIFT Staff . - The UN.GIFT.HUB is an online platform not only to disseminate knowledge on human trafficking but to allow all stakeholders to participate to engage in dialogues and increase knowledge.


One of the features of the HUB is the BLOG. Blogs are an increasingly popular online interactive tool. An individual publishes content on the web where readers have the option to leave comments and exchange views on that content. This commenting feature has the potential to expand knowledge on human trafficking and to initiate fruitful discussions.


UN.GIFT is now pleased to introduce its Survivors Blog. Jana fell once in the hands of traffickers who forced her into prostitution and kept her captive for months while threatening her with hurting her family. Jana is a survivor, a courageous and generous woman who turned around her story and now works intensively to prevent others from suffering what she did.


Jana is blogger in the UN.GIFT.HUB. She will be sharing her experiences from the trenches of the anti-trafficking fight. She is now a human rights advocate who speaks in multiple forums against trafficking. In her blog she will comment about her travels, her encounters with other fighters, her past, but more importantly she will share her views about the path ahead to end human trafficking.


In the Intern's Blog, UN.GIFT's interns will comment on what is like to work in UN.GIFT as they experience the everyday life of multi-agency cooperation. UN.GIFT staff also has blogging spot. From UN.GIFT, is where staff will comment on issues of human trafficking as well as those little details of the work in the big UN picture.


The UN.GIFT.HUB invites all to disseminate and participate. Check out our BLOG and do not forget to leave a comment!