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The private sector and the UN.GIFT.HUB


The Business HUB is a platform to showcase the valuable contributions of the private sector to address the problem of human trafficking. Testimonials, campaigns and other initiatives will be shared to highlight the commitment of small, medium and large companies around the globe.


UN.GIFT invites all private sector businesses and business related associations to join the UN.GIFT HUB and disseminate information and experiences related to the fight against human trafficking.


Through the UN.GIFT.HUB, a wealth of information will be made available for business partners and an e-forum will allow discussions on best practices, corporate policy and other experiences. An e-learning tool will be available to serve as an interactive, web-based resource that will sensitize and empower company staff to understand human trafficking. The e-learning tool will be used to inform management and board level employees as well as general staff about the importance of adopting a zero-tolerance policy towards human trafficking.


Human trafficking is a crime that takes place almost everywhere in the world and businesses are key actors to stop exploitation and slavery. We need your support in the fight against human trafficking. Become a part of the UN.GIFT.HUB!