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Civil Society Organizations and the UN.GIFT.HUB


UN.GIFT invites all civil society organizations to join the newly developed UN.GIFT.HUB and make use of the Society HUB, a space designed for the civil society involved in the fight against human trafficking.


Through the HUB, civil society organizations around the world will be able to promote their activities, contact other organizations to learn from their experience, and share their publications with practitioners and the interested general public. They will be encouraged to establish contact with government representatives, private sector and international organizations. Other civil society organizations in countries of origin, transit or destination might share their particular knowledge on trends and figures monitored by them or might use the network to refer a victim to a service provider in another country.


A programmes database will allow civil society organizations to present their projects and project ideas and direct potential donors to it. A blog and forum will allow for guided and free discussions among practitioners from around the world and will contribute to advance the discourse on human trafficking. Web seminars will be held on different topics and practical issues relevant to civil society, making it possible to transfer knowledge in a cheap and timely manner.


Welcome to the UN.GIFT.HUB. The space is for you and to improve it UN.GIFT would like to hear about your ideas, suggestions and comments.