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Disseminate, Know, Participate - UN.GIFT launches new virtual human trafficking knowledge hub


31 August 2010.- The United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) was conceived to promote the global fight against human trafficking, on the basis of international agreements reached at the UN. In carrying out its mission, UN.GIFT aims, amongst other aspirations, to increase knowledge and awareness on human trafficking. As part of achieving this goal, UN.GIFT has created the UN.GIFT.HUB, an innovative and comprehensive virtual knowledge hub.


The UN.GIFT.HUB was developed in response to the need to gather all existing knowledge on human trafficking. In addition, it was designed to broaden this knowledge base by sharing experiences and information from all stakeholders. The UN.GIFT.HUB is an online space, not only to collect information, but where users can participate in the creation and dissemination of human trafficking knowledge.


The HUB will build on the information of the UN.GIFT website, but it will also act as a platform for research, discussion and communication amongst the global community committed to fighting human trafficking. Crucially, the HUB will also be interactive, allowing organizations and individuals to comment, discuss and contribute to the resources and knowledge available. This will be done through new features that include a blog, a virtual forum and an online resource center.


The styling and interface of the UN.GIFT.HUB will provide users from all areas of society - governments, non-governmental organizations, the media, academia, business - fast access to an invaluable wealth of information.


UN.GIFT welcomes everyone to the UN.GIFT.HUB and invites all to join and use this space as a tool to fight human trafficking.


Please answer the survey. Your feedback is important to improve. If you have any comments, suggestions on the UN.GIFT.HUB, email us.