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UN.GIFT launches publication for the private sector


Enabling innovative partnerships with the private sector is one of UN.GIFT's trademarks. UN.GIFT is partnering with companies to support anti-human trafficking initiatives and now has launched: Human Trafficking and Business: Good Practices to prevent and combat human trafficking, a new publication designed specifically to assist the business community.


The publication is aimed at increasing awareness amongst managers and employees about human trafficking and providing guidance to businesses on how to address the problem. The booklet shows how human trafficking relates to companies and presents "business cases" that can be used as examples by other businesses to prevent and combat human trafficking.


UN.GIFT partnered with the UN Global Compact (UNGC), ILO and IOM to develop Human Trafficking and Business: Good Practices to prevent and combat human trafficking. Several private sector companies like Manpower Inc., The Body Shop International, Microsoft and Gap Inc. contributed to the publication to show different ways of engaging in the fight against human trafficking. Additional partners like ECPAT International, International Cocoa Initiative (ICI), the Apparel Export Promotion Council and, also provided valuable information on their work with the private sector and showcased preventative measures that can be used to fight this crime.


This publication was officially launched during the UNGC Leaders Summit the 24-25 of June 2010 in New York in the Roundtable Leading the Change.


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