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Working Lives: A documentary series on Human Trafficking

14 May 2010.- Around the world millions of people, including many children, are being forced into work, sacrificing their freedom and lives to unscrupulous traffickers.


The special series 'Working Lives' investigates one of the world's fastest growing crimes - human trafficking, and reveals an alternative economy where the poorest and most vulnerable are trapped and exploited. UN.GIFT contributed to the work of the End Human Trafficking Now Campaign! in the development of  'Working Lives'.


From the buildings we live in, to the clothes we wear and the food we eat, the series will show just how much is made for us by modern day slaves. It looks at the supply chain and shows what it's like to be caught in the worst economic trap of all.


You'll be surprised to find out just how close you are to someone whose working life counts for nothing.

The first episode on Cross Border Trafficking airs this week-end on BBC World News.

Watch a preview and get more information on the BBC webpage.