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Uppsala Universitet
Human Trafficking: The Nexus Between Research and Operative Work

25 NOVember, 2010


Uppsal Universitet

The Council of the Baltic Sea States Task Force against Trafficking in Human Beings ( CBSS TF-THB), the Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies and the Center for Police Research at Uppsala University will hold a research seminar on Human Trafficking. The seminar will bring together researchers on human trafficking from different disciplines and key actors from the operative level to exchange information on the problem and facilitate the establishment of networks between them.


In recent years continuous progress has been made towards the development of a common understanding of human trafficking and increasingly more study and research on the subject is being undertaken. Nevertheless, there are still weaknesses in current investigations, data collection and knowledge exchange between various actors working in this field. Furthermore, academic and policy research is hindered by a lack of an assisted network between researchers analyzing the topic in different disciplines and between researcher and actors working operatively to combat human trafficking.


This lack of knowledge and gaps in information exchange posed a major challenge for the development of effective and well-targeted prevention and protection mechanism for the (potential) victims of the crime and the design and implementation of successful strategies to act against traffickers.


Please download the invitation here and the agenda here.


The Council of the Baltic Sea States' Task Force against Trafficking in Human Beings (CBSS TF-THB) also launched a collective information campaign linked to a national telephone helpline to  reach, inform and assist female victims and potential victims of human trafficking in Sweden. Learn more about this campaign with our news story.


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