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Past Events

September 2010
The Permanent Mission of Thailand to the UN office in Geneva, the Self-Empowerment Program for Migrant Women (SEPOM) and the Global Alliance against Traffic in Women invite you to join us for the launch of 'Stories of Trafficked and Returnee Migrant Women'.  This exhibition documents the experiences and expertise of members of SEPOM, a self-organised group of returnee migrant women living in North-West Thailand.
The Legatum Institute has been supporting the fight against human trafficking globally by highlighting neglected issue areas, particularly those related to demand. Some developed countries, including Great Britain, are making progress in their efforts to combat human trafficking, but much more must be done in the midst of the current austerity climate. Our goal is to engage diverse groups to improve collaboration on policy and practice across sectors that will curb demand and bring an end to modern-day slavery. More information
Only in 2005 has Trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labour exploitation (T/LE) become an offence in the German Penal Code. But even before that date, counselling agencies, trade unions and police have identified several such cases, mainly in the fields of domestic services, agriculture, hotel and catering industry and the construction sector. However, so far hardly any of the perpetrators have ever been charged or sentenced for the offences committed.
The High-level Ministerial Round Table Discussion "Towards Strengthening the External Dimension and Partnerships in Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Women - The Future of the EU Anti-Trafficking Policy in the Lisbon Treaty Era"  will take place on 20 September 2010 in Vienna, Austria.
Regional Workshop for Employers' Organisations from the Southern Caucasus and Destination Countries on Strategies against Human Trafficking and Forced Labour