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Public consultations: ICAT trafficking in persons issue papers

On August 2, 2012 ICAT closed a consultation on key Trafficking in Persons issues.


ICAT is preparing to publish a series of five issue papers over the course of 2012 and 2013. Each issue paper will examine one key issue that has been identified and agreed by ICAT's member organizations as a critical challenge to address for the international community to succeed in the fight against trafficking in persons in the coming decade.


The ICAT overview paper provides an introduction to each of the five key challenges identified with the intention of inviting public comment, and so marks the beginning of this consultation process.


This public consultation document is intended to solicit inputs from the community of practice on five key issues:


1. The international legal framework relating to trafficking in persons;

2. Evaluating anti-trafficking responses;
3. Preventing trafficking in persons by addressing demand;
4. Preventing trafficking in persons by addressing vulnerabilities;

5. Providing effective remedies for trafficked persons.


For each issue, a description of the problem is provided, followed by a brief analysis of why the topic deserves attention. Finally, key questions are addressed to readers for their assessment and response. All inputs received will be considered by the ICAT working group, in finalizing the forthcoming series of five papers.


We are encouraging you to take part in a consultation process and send us your comments.


Click here to access the overview paper.


Please provide us with your written responses by Wednesday 1 August, by e-mailing: