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Business Leader's Award @UN.GIFT.HUB

Business Leader's Award to Fight Human Trafficking

Award Cycle 2011 - 2012

Is your business taking a zero tolerance stance towards human trafficking?

Have you or your business supported an anti-trafficking initiative?

Has your business developed corporate policies against forced labor and other forms of trafficking and exploitation?

If so, we would like to hear from you .

Today, corporations and businesses are more aware about their role in eliminating human trafficking and exploitation. They adopt a corporate strategy to prevent exploitation, take measures to clean their supply chain, train their staff, share their expertise to support anti-trafficking projects, take part in community initiatives, contribute to awareness-raising campaigns, support shelters for victims and so on.


The Business Leader's Award acknowledges the vision, creativity and contribution of businesses leaders in identifying, combating and preventing trafficking in persons.


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Business Leader's Award to Fight Human Trafficking @UN.GIFT.HUB