UN.GIFT and the Media

BBC aired the special series 'Working Lives'. 'Working Lives' investigates one of the world's fastest growing crimes - human trafficking, and reveals an alternative economy where the poorest and most vulnerable are trapped and exploited. UN.GIFT contributed to the work of the End Human Trafficking Now Campaign! in the development of 'Working Lives'.


Watch a preview and get more information on the BBC webpage.


UN.GIFT also commissioned CNN to develop short PSAs on human trafficking and the business community. The PSAs showcased interviews of leading personalities from the private and public sector discussing their involvement in finding solutions for preventing and combating human trafficking within their own area of specialization.


Watch a CNN PSA and get more information on human trafficking on the CNN website.

Watch a shocking news video or read the CNN article about how Police dismantled male prostitution ring in Spain.


Woman fighting sex slavery named CNN Hero of the Year:


CNN Trafficking, fight against, woman, Anuradha Koirala, Hero of the year






World Footprints is a multi-media company that produces the award-winning World Footprints travel radio show.  A leading voice in socially conscious travel, hosts Ian and Tonya Fitzpatrick promote responsible and purposeful travel that fosters global citizenship through interviews with celebrities, newsmakers, industry experts and government officials. UN.GIFT and World Footprints have partnered to bring awareness about human trafficking amongst travelleres and the travel industry.

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