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Manpower Group Case Study
2013-06-18 15:24:42.0
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This case study examines the multi-pronged approach developed by staffing and workforce solutions provider ManpowerGroup to combat the serious issue of human trafficking and forced labor from various angles on a global scale. The case study details how ManpowerGroup’s commitment to combating human trafficking and forced labor is reflected in its practices and policies worldwide and how the company strives to set industry standards and to promote a policy of zero tolerance for human trafficking among employers around the world. The study discusses ManpowerGroup’s internal supply chain and procurement policies, as well as its external measures designed to promote practices and policies among companies and governments, raise awareness, and provide assistance to survivors of human trafficking and forced labor. In light of the decrease in employee attrition and the reputational and branding benefits resulting from the company’s ethical policies and practices, including those related to human trafficking, ManpowerGroup’s experience demonstrates that ethical business practices related to human trafficking are not only legally and ethically correct, but also beneficial from a business standpoint, and therefore can and should be implemented worldwide.This case study is based on documents and interviews provided by global leaders at ManpowerGroup.