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CBSS TF-THB Handbook for Diplomatic and Consular Personnel
2011-04-26 10:15:00.0
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The TF-THB (Task Force against  Trafficking in Human Beings) proudly presents the Handbook for Diplomatic and Consular Personnel on how to assist and protect victims of human trafficking. It has been designed to complement the diplomatic training seminars but also as a stand-alone, practical and illustrative guide for diplomatic and consular personnel when dealing with suspected and presented cases of human trafficking in their daily work. It provides the reader with an overview of the nature of human trafficking and its legal frameworks. It furthermore includes concrete advice on how to identify and assist victims of human trafficking and considerations when conducting interviews with potential victims. Advice is also given on how to develop strategies in a consular section to work against and prevent human trafficking. Contact points for further assistance are included for each of the CBSS Member States, and for Belgium and Spain where two seminars were held. The handbook draws upon the material delivered by the TF-THB, the IOM and other international, national and non-governmental actors during the course of the training seminars - we would like to thank all presenters and participants for their valuable contributions and lively discussions that informed the content of this handbook.