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EU Profile of the Israeli trafficker
2010-10-01 11:45:00.0
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Numerous individuals are among those who profit from the various forms of prostitution, but over the last few years, traffickers in women are a growing segment of the profiteers from among the abusers. Because of the vast income generated by the sex industry, they are interested in ensuring that it continues to flourish despite the unremitting violations of the human rights of its victims. This study seeks to examine, for the first time, characteristics of traffickers in Israel; to focus on the people greasing the wheels of the sex industry to ensure that it continues unabated.   This paper aims to comprehensive and updated information about traffickers in Israel, while pointing to changes in their identity over the last two decades. This position paper seeks to assist in the formulation of necessary policy both to prevent this crime and to determine a level of punishment that is more stringent than the one common today. More information about human trafficking on the website of European Union.