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First Aid Kit Arabic
2010-09-08 13:29:00.0
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The First Aid Kit should provide an easy-to-use source of information on how law enforcement first responders should deal with human trafficking cases. It should not be used as a substitute for in-depth and specialized training in responding to trafficking in persons and in carrying out thorough investigations of human trafficking cases. This First Aid Kit is intended for use by the police officers patrolling on foot or by some means of transport (e.g. in vehicles); members of an authorized auxiliary or of a part-time or militia law enforcement service; border guards and immigration or customs officers; persons enforcing regulations regarding, for example, alcohol and tobacco licensing and other health and safety issues; members of the military with a law enforcement role. This is the Arabic version. The First Aid Kit is also available in: English, Spanish, Chinese, French and Russian More information about human trafficking on the website of UNODC.