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ILO Report stopping forced labour
2010-07-13 12:27:00.0
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The Report looks closely at the myriad forms of forced labour found in the world today and the various responses to them, with the aim of mobilizing greater support for their eradication. It closes by proposing a specific programme of action for discussion and approval by ILO constituents that strives for a holistic approach to eliminating this terrible practice. Through an extensive survey of the available evidence, the Report examines the most prevalent forms of forced labour still in existence today. Within each category of forced labour identified, the Report provides information that sheds light on the disparate factors that bear on it. In several cases, the ILO and other international organizations have succeeded in helping reduce or eliminate the practice. The Report demonstrates that with a combination of political will and concerted efforts on the part of the international community, a range of ministries, the social partners and nongovernmental organizations, forced labour can be abolished.More information about human trafficking on the website of ILO.