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IOM Trafficking of men Belarus and Ukraine
2010-10-15 10:21:00.0
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To date, trafficking in males has been underconsidered in research despite noteworthy signals that it is a violation faced by many males, adult and minors. Often severely exploited male migrants are overlooked as victims of trafficking (VoT). The noteworthy number of men exposed to trafficking necessitates assistance tailored to their specific needs and interests. Tailoring of services is required to the specific profile of male victim, not least according to their trafficking experience, whether they are a minor or adult and the family and social conditions to which they will return. The specific experiences of trafficked males of Belarusian and Ukrainian nationality highlight some general patterns in terms of how trafficking takes place from these countries and, equally, some of the needs and interests of this specific target group. Attention to the gender dimensions of trafficking must be increasingly considered in research and anti-trafficking interventions. More information about human trafficking on the website of IOM.