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CSO John Templeton Foundation Stolen Lives
2010-10-05 14:52:00.0
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The reason that trafficking in persons is a crime against humanity is because each and every person deserves the opportunity to live with dignity and a sense of self-worth. When that dignity is stolen, we must do more than protest and prevent that dignity from being stolen from others in the future. Justice and compassion demand of us that we contribute to the restoration of that stolen dignity and that we assist in the birth or rebirth of hope. We must foster anew the belief that those once abused can play a major role in shaping their own destinies. For many, the difficult issue of forgiveness of both themselves and those involved in their trafficking will have to be squarely faced before self-worth can be reestablished and control of one's destiny achieved. Nor can self-worth and independence be achieved if there is not serious attention to economic self-sufficiency. There are no magic bullets, and ultimate success depends on material, psychological, and spiritual factors. It will not be easy, but it is possible, and it is surely worth the effort. More information about human trafficking on the website of John Templeton Foundation.