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Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons - Mission report on Japan
2010-10-20 11:16:00.0
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Japan is a destination country for many victims of human trafficking. The Government of Japan, in recognition of the seriousness of the problem, has taken measures to address it, in particular since 2004 with the adoption of the National Action Plan on Measures to Combat Trafficking in Persons and the introduction of the crime of trafficking into the Penal Code in 2005. However, many challenges still need to be addressed, in particular in relation to the protection of victims of trafficking and the adoption of a human rights-based approach to fighting trafficking. Among her recommendations, the Special Rapporteur urges the country to adopt a clearer definition of trafficking and spell out clear criteria and guidelines for the identification of victims. Also, a comprehensive legal and policy framework on the protection of victims of trafficking should be adopted and better assistance, including possibilities for rehabilitation (recovering), reintegration and redress, should be provided to victims, regardless of their location. Training of law enforcement officials on the identification of victims should be urgently pursued. Lastly, a permanent coordination agency should be established, solely dedicated to promoting, coordinating and monitoring policies and actions related to the fight against human trafficking, in cooperation with international organizations, civil society and other relevant stakeholders. This report is also available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. More information about human trafficking on the website of UNHCHR.