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Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons - General Assembly Report 2009
2010-10-20 11:26:00.0
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The report is divided into four sections. Section I contains the introduction, while section II outlines the activities, including conferences and consultations, undertaken by the Special Rapporteur in the discharge of her mandate during the period under review. Section III deals with the main thematic focus of the report, namely, the identification and protection of and assistance to victims of trafficking. The section contains case narratives of trafficked victims and a separate examination of applicable standards and practices, including the roles and responsibilities of States and of non-State actors in addressing the situation of victims of trafficking. It focuses on a child-centred approach to children who are victims of trafficking and on issues of protection of and assistance to victims of trafficking, especially those in vulnerable situations, such as refugees, asylum-seekers, returnees and stateless and internally displaced persons. Section IV contains conclusions and recommendations for effectively identifying, protecting and providing direct assistance to persons victims of trafficking, including a recommendation for the development of operational guidelines, procedures and tools for the identification of such victims, based on existing models developed in particular by United Nations agencies and programmes. This report is also available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.More information about human trafficking on the website of UNHCHR.