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OSCE Human Trafficking for Labour Exploitation
2011-01-12 10:30:00.0
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The paper is based on the 3 rd and 5 th Alliance in Trafficking in Persons Conferences and aims to assist participating States to develop and implement national anti-trafficking policy in compliance with international obligations. The analysis focuses on the specifics of labour exploitation, particularly the identification, prevention and prosecution of offenders with the final goal of preventing trafficking and bringing justice to victims. The specific recommendations in this paper stem from the outcomes of the conferences mentioned above, as well as from the work of OSCE structures, NGOs, IGOs, national experts from the participating States and Partners for Co-operation. They are organized in three main areas of action: 1. investigation, law enforcement and prosecution; 2. prevention of trafficking in human beings; 3. protection and assistance. For more information visit the website of OSCE.