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UN.GIFT Special Advisor for Victims Rani Hong featured on Euronews

The European news network Euronews recently featured an interview with Rani Hong, UN.GIFT Special Advisor for Victims, on a segment about human trafficking.



The segment, which ran on the show On the Frontline, concentrated on human trafficking and modern-day slavery in the borders of the European Union, while Ms Hong, who was trafficked as a child from her home in India, presented a global perspective on the crime.


"I was a seven year old child. Innocent," she explained during the interview. "I was trafficked into another state. I didn't know the language there, and couldn't ask for help."


Colin Walker, Deputy Director of the UK branch of the NGO ECPAT, also participated in the discussion. He highlighted the new EU strategy on Human Trafficking, which was adopted earlier this year, and an EU directive which will come into effect in April 2013. "Both the directive and the strategy look to facilitate much greater international cooperation within the EU and with external countries to really respond to the transnational nature of this crime," Mr Walker explained.


Click here to watch the full discussion.