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Made In A Free World launches Lincoln campaign

The US-based NGO Made In A Free World launched this week the "I'm With Lincoln" campaign, calling on Congress to its double funding of efforts aimed at ending modern-day slavery.


The campaign highlights the role of the 16th President of the United States in ending slavery in the 19th Century, and implores Congress to take a similar stand against present-day forced labor.


In a form letter to senators, Made In A Free World notes: "One week's spending on the "War On Drugs" is equal to 10 years spending on the "War On Slavery" (2001-2008)...In 2009 we spent twice as much printing the Congressional Record (most of which gets thrown away) than we did fighting slavery domestically...In 2009 we spent almost 5 times as much managing wild horses and burros, than we did on domestic programs addressing slavery."


Watch the campaign video here:



Click here to learn more about the "I'm With Lincoln" campaign.