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The Business Leader's Award to Fight Human Trafficking to Be Awarded 25 January

The Business Leader's Award to Fight Trafficking will be bestowed on one of thirteen nominees in a ceremony on Friday January 25th in Davos, Switzerland.



The Award is designed to honor and recognize the tireless work of business executives engaged in combating human trafficking, and aims to serve as an incentive for greater innovation. It is a tool to identify and reward those executives who have shown enthusiasm in and dedication to tackling human trafficking, and who have made a significant impact on ensuring respect for the human rights of employees and community stakeholders alike.


The Award was launched in 2008 during the regional meeting of the World Economic Forum in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. It is the first-ever award in history to honor a business executive for their innovation, energy and commitment in tackling human trafficking. As a biennial initiative, the award is jointly spearheaded by End Human Trafficking Now (EHTN), the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT), and the United Nations Global Compact.


The 2013 nominees are:


-Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Lavinia Brennan , are the co-founders of Beulah London, which aims to provide employment to victims of sex trafficking by involving them in the production of garments.


- Doug Cahn , The Cahn Group LLC, co-created online training materials to educate supply chain managers about the risks of human trafficking and slavery in supply chains.


- Tristan Forster is the Founder, CEO and major shareholder of FSI Worldwide. He also heads the FSI Foundation and is a founding Trustee of the UK charity "Freedom Matters", which focuses on rescuing and rehabilitating Nepali children who have been victims of human trafficking.


- Carl Graziani has leadership responsibilities for Safeway's cross-company training and compliance efforts, creating the platform for Safeway Supply Chain staff to address modern-day slavery in their daily business.


- Veerasak Kositpaisal 's role at PTT Global Chemical was to design sustainability education programs that studied numerous educational best practices from countries within Asia. He came up with a program that was suitable for the Thai educational system.


- Lyndon Lea is a Partner of Lion Capital and is responsible for the management of the Firm. He is a strong supporter of " Not For Sale", an organization dedicated to the abolition of modern-day slavery.


- Ivan Levy is well-known for successfully launching and expanding The Body Shop in Switzerland. He was a dedicated advocate during the worldwide campaign of The Body Shop's "Stop Sex trafficking of children and young people" in 64 countries and more than 2,500 shops.


- Ndiémé Ndiaye is the founder of Karitédiema, a cosmetics company which centers on natural plant-based ingredients, and focuses on the empowerment of women in several African countries. Ms. Ndiaye launched an initiative to collaborate with local African women that today, allows for the independence of over 2'000 women between Mali, Burkina Faso and Senegal.


- Steven Rice is the Executive Vice President, Human Resources at Juniper Networks. Mr. Rice has spearheaded the work of Juniper Networks to engage in the fight against modern-day slavery. Through his leadership, Juniper Networks has developed a signature partnership with the anti-trafficking organization, " Not For Sale".


- Dominic Smart is the General Manager of The Millennium Hotel St. Louis. Mr. Smart and his team participated in the ECPAT training process and remain committed to ending trafficking by continuing to train hotel associates and being vigilant, thereby taking a strong and positive role in preventing the deplorable and illegal practice of human trafficking.


- Carlos Mario de Jesus Vega Cuartas played a fundamental role in the creation of the organization's policy of CSR in relation to trafficking in persons.


- Jeffrey Williams is Apple's Senior Vice President of Operations, reporting to the CEO. Mr. Williams oversaw Apple's engagement with government agencies, NGOs, and peer companies in East and Southeast Asia to educate their suppliers on how to improve their recruiting practices, as well as on their legal and ethical obligations to foreign workers.


- Anelia Wirtz is co-founder of the social enterprise, Heaven's Attic. The vision of Heaven's Attic is to be a reputable ethical High Street retailer, influencing change within supply chains and operating processes, and as co-founder, Wirtz lives and breathes the company's vision.


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