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Case study highlights ManpowerGroup's leadership in combating human trafficking

( EHTN ) - As a leader in the staffing and employment services industry, ManpowerGroup takes its responsibility in combating human trafficking and related exploitation seriously. The company has chosen to focus on this issue in its internal and external policies and has developed a comprehensive approach, using many different initiatives in tandem to combat human trafficking and forced labor, and was among the first to sign the 2006 Athens Ethical Principles.



ManpowerGroup operates in over 80 countries and territories worldwide. The company's international network is made up of nearly 3,800 offices and 30,000 staff members. ManpowerGroup serves approximately 400,000 clients per year in small and medium-sized enterprises, and local, multinational, and global companies across all industry sectors.


In 2011, ManpowerGroup's revenues were $22 billion worldwide. Based on revenues the company's largest operations for that year were in the U.S., France, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Based on these revenues, ManpowerGroup estimates that it placed approximately 3.5 million individuals in permanent, temporary, and contract positions in fields ranging from IT, engineering, and finance professionals to administrative and industrial staff. Additionally, over 10.5 million people received training and development services from ManpowerGroup. For example, ManpowerGroup trained over 27,000 individuals into new jobs through Right Management's outplacement services.


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