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United States and Myanmar sign joint plan on trafficking in Persons

The United States and Myanmar have agreed to join efforts to combat human trafficking, according to statement issued by the US Department of State.



The announcement came just ahead of US President Barack Obama and US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's recent trip to the Southeast Asian country.


Under the pact the governments of the two nations commit to: implement the ILO Action Plan on Forced Labor; encourage greater civil society participation in anti-human trafficking efforts in Myanmar; and provide technical assistance, training and regular exchange of best practices in the area of law enforcement, victim and witness interviewing, victim assistance and trafficking prevention.


"The governments emphasize that this joint plan heralds a new era of Myanmar-United States cooperation in addressing this serious crime and human rights issue," the statement read.


The agreement addresses all forms of trafficking in persons, including both sex and labor trafficking, as well as the illegal recruitment of child soldiers.


In September, President Obama called for renewed efforts to combat human trafficking in the US and announced a new executive order that clamps down on federal contractors involved in human trafficking.


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