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Journalist Faridoun Hemani calls on public to join movement to end human trafficking

In a recent TED Talk, journalist Faridoun Hemani called on the public to join the fight to end human trafficking.


During his talk, Mr Hemami urged viewers to ask manufacturers if the clothes they wear, the food they eat, and the gadgets they use are free of slave labour; he prevailed on the audience to get law enforcement officials to take action against traffickers.


"[Human trafficking] is the fastest growing organized crime in the world right now," he explained. "It is even ahead of drugs. Drugs get consumed and then they're done. Human beings are being sold and resold and resold."


In 2010, Faridoun co-produced a 6-part series on Human Trafficking that aired on BBC World Television. His TED Talk, delivered at TEDx Sugarland, drew heavily on the stories told in his BBC documentary.


Watch the full talk here: