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Follow the OSCE Trafficking in Person conference live online

The OSCE will stream its upcoming 12 th high-level alliance against trafficking in persons conference, which will take place in Vienna on October 11 and 12.



The conference will stress the need for empowerment and non-discrimination in anti-human trafficking efforts across the OSCE region.


Topics to be explored include:


How discrimination in its myriad forms (including discrimination based on race, gender, membership in a national or ethnic group, social and migration status) contributes to the increased vulnerability of certain groups to human trafficking, while at the same time acts to limit their access to services, care, protection and ultimately, social inclusion;


How a more robust use of the international human rights law framework and specifically the principles of non-discrimination and equality can reinforce the rights of trafficked persons, and offer additional channels of legal protection and entitlement;


How the concept of empowerment and the principle of non-discrimination can be used in prevention strategies for human trafficking, with examples of good practices.


Click here to watch the live stream.