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The Freedom Registry launches in the US


Launched last month, the Freedom Registry is a database of organizations, agencies and institutions working to address exploitation, human trafficking and modern day slavery within the United States.



The movement to end human trafficking and labor exploitation across the United States is growing at a tremendous rate and now totals in excess of 800 advocate groups. As more continue to form and look to enact programs, The Freedom Registry aims to foster a natural coordination and collaboration.


As stakeholders list their programs and actions on The Freedom Registry, community advocates, social service providers and government agencies can collectively map how the issue is being addressed. The resulting knowledge base enables the continued formalization of referral networks; advancement of best practices; mitigation of duplicated effort; and, most importantly, allows us to objectively identify gaps in services.


Ultimately, The Freedom Registry is a grassroots effort to bring justice to victims through a collaborative development of strategic and holistic solutions. The public-facing database serves to inform the media, students, academics and donors about the state of the movement, as well as to help potential volunteers find opportunities for placement. The project is currently being replicated in Canada (to be launched in late 2012).


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