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UN.GIFT featured in US Trafficking in Persons 2012 Annual Report

UN.GIFT's eLearning tool for business was featured in the US State Department's 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report, released yesterday in Washington DC.


The UN.GIFT eLearning tool was highlighted as an important initiative to help business leaders, managers, and employees identify the risks of human trafficking in their supply chains and take concrete actions to eliminate their company's involvement in trafficking.


"A growing number of companies are integrating 'corporate social responsibility' into their business models and embracing the responsibility to protect human rights, promote economic and social development, and look after the environment," reads the 2012 report. "Companies do not have to reinvent the wheel in order to become good corporate citizens. Advocates have collaborated on a number of initiatives offering a wealth of proposals and ideas to help companies begin to implement policies to reduce the likelihood of modern slavery in their corporate supply chains."


UN.GIFT collaborated with the End Human Trafficking Now! Campaign (EHTN!) to launch the tool, which was developed by Microsoft, in 2010. The course consists of three modules: What is human trafficking? Why is human trafficking an issue for business? What can business do to address human trafficking?


Each module takes approximately 20 minutes and includes a short quiz which must be completed prior to finish the module. The modules draw exclusively on practical and concrete case studies from peers and colleagues in the business community.


Click here for more information about the eLearning tool.


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