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Calle 13, MTV and UNICEF, launch "MTV EXIT" in Nicaragua

( UNICEF) - Thirteen-time Latin Grammy winners Calle 13 joined forces with UNICEF and MTV Latin America to launch MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) in Nicaragua. The multi-media campaign aims to reach Spanish-speaking youth in Latin America and the US to increase awareness and prevention around human trafficking and exploitation through creative content, digital media interaction, community events and opportunities for direct participation.


"There is almost no country in the world where trafficking and exploitation do not exist and Nicaragua is no exception," said Philippe Barragne-Bigot, UNICEF Representative in Nicaragua . "Today we launch the MTV EXIT campaign in Nicaragua with Calle 13 and MTV-two key cultural references for young people-which allows us to reach millions of potential victims by communicating with them directly, using their language."


The launch event was hosted on It featured the screening of a documentary hosted by Calle 13's Residente and Visitante to address how this global issue is affecting Latin America. The documentary, Invisible Slaves, includes first-hand interviews with young Latin Americans who have been affected by trafficking and exploitation. Calle 13 also donated the rights of Preparame la Cena, a song from their most recent award-winning album Entren los que Quieran, for the music video for the campaign. To see the documentary and the video go to (or you can stream the video below).


UNICEF is actively working to prevent trafficking and exploitation in Latin America and the Caribbean, mainly with support from the Italian Government. Protecting children begins with prevention. UNICEF and its partners address the root causes of trafficking, essential in the fight against this global crime.


The MTV EXIT campaign will continue to expand in Latin America through mass media broadcasts, local events and activities with children, adolescents and youth. Other partners, such as PADF (Pan American Development Foundation) will join the initiative in upcoming projects.