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UN.GIFT presents Strategic Plan 2012-2014 to the United Nations


Today in the United Nations headquarters in Vienna representatives from IOM, OSCE and UNODC addressed the UN Member States to present them with the UN.GIFT Strategic Plan 2012-2014.


The new Strategic Plan was adopted last year by the six organizations that form the Steering Committee of UN.GIFT. The purpose of this Strategic Plan is to set out the overarching direction, priorities and implementation plan for the next phase of UN.GIFT.


The briefing was chaired by John Sandage, Director, Division for Treaty Affairs of UNODC. He was joined by Ruth Pojman, Deputy Co-ordinator, Office of the Special Representative for Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings OSCE; Anh Nguyen, Senior Migrant Assistant Specialist at the Regional Office of IOM in Vienna; Candice Welsch, Senior Manager of UN.GIFT and Sara Greenblatt, Chief of the Organized Crime & Illicit Trafficking Branch of UNODC.


The presentations focused on the main aspects of the new UN.GIFT strategy that was designed for the use of the Steering Committee as well as for governments and programme funders, partners and other collaborators of UN.GIFT, as a statement of intent describing how UN.GIFT will contribute to the fight against trafficking in persons in the future.


According to the 2012-2014 Strategy, UN.GIFT's core activities will fall within three broad and intersecting areas of work: Knowledge Management, Strategic Support and Interventions, Promoting Global Dialogue and Ensuring Inter-Agency Coordination and Co-operation. The award winning virtual knowledge HUB will continue to serve as a platform for global dialogue and a key tool for knowledge creation and exchange.


The presentation by UN.GIFT Steering Committee members, was followed by a discussion period. Representatives from countries of Austria, Peru and Philippines, amongst others took the floor to recognize UN.GIFT's past achievements in addressing human trafficking.


Click here to download the UN.GIFT Strategic Plan 2012-2014


Click to download the Power Point Presentation