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Wendy's, UN.GIFT to launch anti-human trafficking campaign in Bahamas

UN.GIFT is collaborating with Wendy's Bahamas, a franchisee of the Wendy's fast food chain, to launch an anti-human trafficking awareness-raising campaign at ten restaurants around the Bahamas on May 11th.



Over the coming month all Wendy's Bahamas restaurants will distribute food on tray liners educating people about different forms of human trafficking, including for forced labor, domestic servitude, female sexual exploitation and the exploitation of children. It calls on Wendy's customers to become sensitized to the issue and to report suspected cases of human trafficking by calling the country's crisis centre hotline or the police.


The campaign is supported by the country's Ministry of National Security and The National Task Force on Trafficking in Persons. Launched last month, the National Task Force on Trafficking in Persons aims to enhance local efforts to combat trafficking; it is charged with identifying and protecting victims, as well as facilitating prosecution of traffickers.


The tray liner reads: "You wouldn't know it, but many suffer among us because of human trafficking. If you know someone who has been lured, trapped, tricked, threatened or imprisoned by an employer or family member, they could be a victim of human trafficking. You can help them. Together, we can end slavery... again."


To see the Wendy's tray liners click here.