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UN.GIFT, Wendy's (Bahamas), and the Bahamas Ministry of National Security collaborate to lauch "Trafficking in Persons" campaign


UN.GIFT has partnered with Wendy's (Bahamas) and the Bahamas Ministry Of National Security to launch a unique "anti-Trafficking In Persons" tray liner in the restaurant chain's ten restaurants in Nassau, and Grand Bahama.



The unique tray liner was crafted through a joint effort between Wendy's, UN.GIFT, and the Bahamas' National Trafficking In Persons (TIP) Task Force. It seeks to raise awareness, educate, and sensitize the public to the various global forms of human trafficking; including forced labor, domestic servitude, female exploitation and the exploitation of children.


Trafficking In Persons is recognized by the United Nations as violation of human rights, and regarded as "modern-day slavery."


Speaking at a press conference held to launch the tray liners, the country's newly appointed Minister Of National Security, Dr. Bernard Nottage described Trafficking In Persons as one of the most vicious and cruel violations of human rights confronting our world today.


"As unbelievable as it may seem to many of us, there are people in this world that use force, fraud or deception to recruit, transfer, harbor or receive, or simply abduct other human beings, for the sole purpose of exploiting them. Usually, they lure people away from their own countries to foreign countries in which they are complete strangers, with no one to turn to," explained Minister Nottage. "Our participation in this exercise is part of The Bahamas' national campaign, as well as part of the wider global campaign, to counter Trafficking In Persons."



Up to 2011 no traffickers were prosecuted in The Bahamas, however, Minister Nottage acknowledged that this is a "complex and well hidden crime, as victims are generally not in a position to speak up for themselves." He called on the public to keep a spotlight on this issue, and commended the owners of the local Wendy's franchise, Chris and Terry Tsavoussis, for setting "an excellent example of good corporate citizenship, and effective Government and Private Sector partnership to address matters of national, critical concern."


Speaking on behalf of the restaurant chain, Yolanda Pawar-Bain, Marketing Manager for the brand said the Trafficking In Persons tray liner project is one that resonates deeply, and aligns perfectly with Wendy's core values of treating others with respect, giving back to the community, and simply doing the right thing.  "We see this as another opportunity for us to live out these core values in a powerful way; by empowering our community through education, and standing up for the rights of those who are vulnerable and voiceless," expressed Ms. Pawar-Bain.


The Trafficking In Persons tray liner directs the public to take action by "speaking up" and reporting any suspected cases of Trafficking In Persons to The Police or the local Crisis Centre via the 24-hour telephone contacts listed. It promises confidentiality and reads: "You wouldn't know it, but many suffer among us because of human trafficking. If you know someone who has been lured, trapped, tricked, threatened or imprisoned by an employer or family member, they could be a victim of human trafficking. You can help them. Together, we can end slavery... again."


To see the Wendy's tray liners click here.