UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Vienna 

UNODC has a general mandate to address transnational organized crime. The Protocol on Human Trafficking, which supplements the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC), provides the legal and conceptual framework for UNODC's work in the area of human trafficking. It focuses on the criminal justice system response to human trafficking, but includes provisions on victim protection and preventive measures. UNODC, as the secretariat of the Conference of the Parties to UNTOC and its protocols, is required to ensure the necessary coordination with the secretariats of relevant international and regional organizations.

Case example from UNODC

UNODC has been involved in an award winning and innovative awareness-raising campaign on human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Colombia.

"Everyone wants to be with Marilyn", a soap opera produced and broadcast in Colombia, realistically describes the adventures of a group of prostitutes. It illustrates the lives and travails of these often socially stigmatized women.

The soap opera, produced by UNODC Colombia in cooperation with the RCN television channel, offers an extraordinary opportunity to carry out prevention work through a popular media. In 25 widely-watched episodes, the soap opera informed the public on how the trafficking business works, what anti-trafficking activities are being carried out by UNODC and the Colombian Government, and how to avoid becoming a victim. It proved to be a successful way of sensitizing a mass audience on the dangers of human trafficking.

Troels Vester, Crime Prevention Expert, Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, UNODC about the UN.GIFT initiative ( interview by Louise Potterton) 

UNODC and human trafficking