Vignette of End Human Trafficking Now! and UN.GIFT (1:09)

The campaign "End Human Trafficking Now!" of SMWIPM  developed in partnership with the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) a new vignette to show positive engagement of business leaders against human trafficking. The vignette will be shown on CNN untill the end of 2010.


Stamping out Slavery - Part 1 (5:26) Part 2 (5:10)

In march 2009, the Kingdom of Bahrain held a conference to foster public-private partnerships in the hope to counteract human trafficking. Hosted by Her Highness Sheikha Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, the title of the meeting was " Human trafficking at the Crossroads" and it aimed to attain rapid and effective action to alleviate the exploitation of human beings and bring and end to the suffering that this causes to its many victims. The conference helped promote the issue and as a result, a full video report was produced shedding light on this crime that shames us all.


Human trafficking in Moldova: the trade of human misery (ILO) (22:30)

In Moldova, desperation, poverty, and high unemployment make young girls and women easy prey for traffickers, who promise them well paid jobs abroad. In a co-production with Rockhopper TV, ILO TV tells the story of Maria, forced to work illegally in Russia.


Open Your Eyes to Human Trafficking - UN.GIFT PSA (1:00)

UN.GIFT has produced a new Public Service Announcement (PSA) video spot to coincide with the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking. The theme - a man walks through a market without realising the human trafficking crimes happening around him - calls for people to open their eyes to human trafficking.


Emma Thompson (UNODC, 2008) (1:00) (0:30)

Following her appearance at the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking in February 2008, in this Public Service Announcement (PSA), Emma Thompson voices for the victims of human trafficking.


Cleaning Woman (UNODC, 2003) (1:00)

The spot calls on the general public to take action against human trafficking by showing a woman helping a victim escape her forced labour situation. UNODC worked closely with local partners in the distribution of the spot to add a telephone hotline number at the end for help or more information.


Telephone (UNODC, 2003) (0:45)

The spot seeks to empower victims of human trafficking by showing that it may be possible to escape forced labour situations. UNODC worked closely with local partners in the distribution of the spot to add a telephone number where victims are able to receive assistance and support.


Better Future (UNODC, 2002) (1:00)

The focus of this award-winning spot is the trafficking in men, women and children for forced labour, such as in factories, fields or as domestic servants. The spot aims to warn potential victims about the dangers of trafficking, and to raise awareness among the general public of this growing problem.


Work Abroad (UNODC, 2001) (0:30)

Young women who are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking networks are the focus of this Public Service Announcement. The spot uses powerful images to reveal the harsh realities behind attractive job offers abroad, and seeks to educate potential victims of the dangers involved in human trafficking.


Tráfico para trabalho forçado (UNODC) (0:30)


One Life, no price (UNODC) (8:05)


UN.GIFT South Asia Conference (UN.GIFT) (5:06)


Brazilian PSA (UNODC) (0:30)


Voices from the Street (UNODC) (5:30)


Contra la trata de personas - OIM

Ela, a trafficking victim speaks

Duplex enregistré avec Antonio Maria COSTA - TV5MONDE (Charm El Cheikh; May 2008)

Commerce des humains - TV5MONDE (Vienna Forum; February 2008)