Hilton Vienna is joining the fight against human trafficking

Hilton logoInitiated during the Vienna forum last February, Hilton Vienna has joined the fight against human trafficking. The partnership with UN.GIFT aims at promoting both awareness raising for travellers concerning Human Trafficking and direct victim support by assisting the reintegration of a victim of human trafficking into the regular labour market.

Hilton and UN.GIFT hope to increase awareness of the problem to guests, while also educating Hilton's staff about the issue of human trafficking. The project will unfold in three steps :


  • Develop the information campaign;
  • Offer a job to a victim of trafficking at a Hilton Hotel in Vienna and later present the concept to a larger business community as a good practice example for other private sector entities;
  • Provide training to The Hilton Staff on Human Trafficking

Both partners are optimistic of the project and hope that this can inspire other businesses to join the fight against human trafficking.