What can business do to address human trafficking?

There are many things that employers and business can do at enterprise, industry and national levels to address human trafficking in effective and sustainable ways.

Companies - in particular those with operations in "at-risk" sectors such as those mentioned above - may wish to start with a risk assessment to determine their level of exposure to human trafficking. A high incidence of abuse reported in a particular country or region may give companies cause to consider assessing their risk of negatively impacting human rights. Companies may also wish to:

  1. Find out more about human trafficking
  2. Adopt a policy that explicitly prohibits it
  3. Take proactive steps to raise awareness of the problem; and
  4. Take measures to make it harder for traffickers to traffic people using their products, premises or services

Employers' organisations and business associations can develop a strategy or plan of action that encourages strategic thinking on addressing human trafficking; while both companies and employers' organisations can encourage action at enterprise, industry and supply chain levels, and in communities of operation.

UN.GIFT has designed a new publication to inform business about good practices to prevent and combat human trafficking. Go to UN.GIFT's HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND BUSINESS for more information