ICAT Events

ICAT Events

2014 Meeting in Vienna

The Inter-Agency Coordination Group against Trafficking in Persons (ICAT) published

its second policy paper entitled Preventing trafficking in persons by addressing demand (the "Demand paper") in the margins of the seventh session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Transnational Organized Crime. Click here to read more about the paper and the launch event

2012 Meeting in Vienna

ICAT launched its first policy paper on The International Legal Frameworks concerning Trafficking in Persons at a side event on the margins of the Fifth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its Protocols in October 2012.

His Excellency Mr. Hans Lundborg, Ambassador of Sweden on Human Trafficking.

Ms. Susu Thatun (UNICEF).

Ms. Sabine Okonkwo (UNHCR).

Mr. Houtan Homayounpour (ILO).

Mr. Martin Fowke (UNODC).

Mr. Jonathan Martens (IOM).

2012 Meeting in New York

n May 2012, an interactive dialogue and thematic discussion was held at the UN in New York hosted by ICAT and co-sponsored by the Mission of Sweden together with the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN).

During this meeting, ICAT launched an overview paper: The next decade: Promoting common priorities and greater coherence in the fight against human trafficking. The ICAT overview paper provides an introduction to five key issues related to human trafficking, serving as a basis for the five forthcoming issue papers.

2011 Meeting in Geneva

In July 2011, in an effort to reinvigorate the structure, interested ICAT members, including ILO, Interpol, IOM, OHCHR, UNHCR, UNICEF, UN Women, UNAIDS and UNODC met in June 2011 in Geneva on the margins of the Human Rights Council 17th session.

During this meeting, the ICAT Working Group agreed to strengthen the policy development aspect of its mandate through a series of papers on issues that have surfaced as challenges to anti-trafficking efforts. Prioritized issues were identified through active consultations and review of anti-trafficking interventions of recent years. It was envisaged that the ICAT policy series would provide an opportunity for partner organizations to coordinate on identifying the key challenges in the fight against human trafficking, promoting common strategic priorities and fostering greater policy and programmatic coherence among all actors.

2010 Meeting in Vienna

In December 2010, ICAT launched a first joint publication detailing recommendations for coordinated future action to combat trafficking in persons. The publication, entitled 'An analytical review: 10 years on from the adoption of the UN Trafficking in Persons Protocol', is significant as it not only provides an overview of mandates and activities of all ICAT member organizations, but provides gap analysis within the various fields of work related to trafficking in persons undertaken over the last 10 years. The publication additionally, offers recommendations for coordinated future action to combat trafficking in persons.